Topper Fabregas as John in Cock

Play Watch List: Rak of Aegis and Cock

cock-250x250My taste in theater is neither eclectic nor tasteful – or at least, I wouldn’t describe it as such. Rather, I think it’s random more than anything else. There was Defending the Caveman and Love, Loss and What I Wore (both from CTE Productions at the Carlos P. Romulo Auditorium, RCBC Plaza) and last year, there was Sa Wakas (from Culture Shock Productions and FringeMNL at the PETA Theater). This year, I have two plays in my must-watch list.

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Volkswagen Club of the Philippines (VWCP) Car Show 2013

28th All VW Classic and Custom Car ShowSo last December 8, the VWCP (Volkswagen Club of the Philippines) hosted the 28th All VW Classic and Custom Car Show. We went to the Quezon City Hall on a cloudy Sunday morning to celebrate our collective love for the iconic Volkswagen. Like last year, the order of the day was to ogle at the various forms of VW love, and I didn’t think it was possible, but this year’s show was crazier than the last. Continue reading

This Is the End: A Short Review

(Spoilers! You’ve been warned.)

It was Luke who pitched this movie. Laya is with her grandparents and for the first time in weeks, we were alone in the house. There was no kid vying for our attention after a hard day’s work, and we didn’t have to rush our dinner! Wow.

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The Freelancer Toolbox: (Free) Transcription Tools

Every so often, my clients would ask me to transcribe interviews. The first time I tried transcribing, I found myself switching between my text editor, MS Word, and my audio player, VLC. If you’re transcribing 7 60-minute interviews, this could get pretty annoying really quickly.

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The Freelancer Toolbox – Basic Tools of the Trade

I’m in the business of being largely left to my own devices. As a freelancer, I’m basically the dirty jobs girl, writing articles, researching stuff, transcribing interviews, editing documents, laying out eBooks, watching for trends, moderating comments, cleaning up tags, planning content, and other menial tasks. And as any other freelancer will tell you, you need tools to help you get the job done (and sometimes, more importantly, get the job done on time). Personally, my freelancer toolbox is a little thin – I like keeping things minimal and I like applications and tools that do two or three things at the same time.

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MSI FX420X Review: Mid-range Muscle

The MSI FX420X is basically a 14-inch notebook that features a dedicated video card and a 2nd generation Intel Core processor. It’s decidedly mid-range – I got my MSI FX420X-i5545+ for PHP 28,500 or around US $650. There are cheaper and more expensive versions, as the components and software may vary. Check out the specs.

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